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Tips for Bathroom Lighting

And crucial that the bathroom is fitted with a good natural light. The type of installation may vary, since fluorescent or halogen. Since the bathroom is a place of relaxation chooses to use lamps with light warm colors such as yellow…
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Luminaire Type

The light fixtures are devices which serve to secure and protect the lamps, and when needed are auxiliary circuits and the means of connecting the bulbs to the circuit. Have as main objective to filter and modify the light emitted…
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Types of Interior Lighting

The lighting can affect various aspects related to the well-being of a person. To ensure that the lighting be installed ira meet their needs, it is essential to understand the various types of interior lighting. Natural lighting Commonly called by natural…
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Rooms with Lighting Projects Planned

Project 1: Marcello Sesso and Deborah Dalanezi, São Paulo-SP This project brought lighting functionality. With the cortineiro lit, is sophisticated and pleasant for the day to day, since the indirect light is comfortable and not assaults the eyes. Pendants with inverted domes, the sides of the bed, combine with the central panel and give a final touch of charm to the space.