Recicladecoracion: The Lamps ‘Engaged’ in Artilujos

The recycling is very fashionable and reuse everything we have at home also, in general, it is always a good idea by the ecological party that suits you, but its value is multiplied by thousand if in addition the result achieved is beautiful, functional and decorative, all at the same time.

Recicladecoracion The Lamps 'Engaged' in Artilujos 1

In Artilujos every day surprised us with different news from recicladecoracion and today is preserved. Have asked you to Natalia Figueroa who design for Artilujos a lamp using classic glass vials that it is used to make preserves and jams. With the design under his arm, as precious as it has been, Post construction craftsmen they have put hands to work to create a hundred pieces of the model, which will be ready to be placed under the Christmas tree.

Recicladecoracion The Lamps 'Engaged' in Artilujos 2

Each lamp is composed of three glass jars with the corresponding cap of aluminium Antique gold color. Both cables and bracket come in black color. Is designed so that three vials are placed at different heights: 45, 55 and 60 cm respectively.

If you liked both as my I commented that the final price is of 49 euros taxes included and free shipping. It is possible to order lamps until next Wednesday, December 17 and lamps will be delivered by courier on December 22. It will have to be careful with this delivery date as we’re going to the bar to celebrate that touched us Lottery and it misleads us the Messenger with lamp…

Recicladecoracion The Lamps 'Engaged' in Artilujos 3